The Bridge Of Peace

Grace Brown

5 Stars

February 7, 2011

The Bridge of Peace in my opinion was an extremely good book. When I got the book I had no clue what I was getting into being that it was my first book to read by Cindy Woodsmall. But I was by no means disappointed. Its the type of book that once you pick up, you can definitely not put down. It keeps a person turning the pages eager to see what shall come next, and holds all the deepest interest. I do recommend the book, and if you do read it get ready for it to capture your interest while you read about the ways of the Amish, and the lives of Lena and Grey along with all of their friends who struggle with every trial and obstacle that comes their way, where while at the same time, they hold fast to God trusting in his goodness. Will Lena ever marry because of the birthmark on her cheek that causes great pain? Will Grey overcome his obstacles in life and marriage? Find out by reading the tale of those struggling through life trying to cross that bridge into peace....