How To Write A Book.... Really !

Shirl Parsons

5 Stars

July 23, 2014

I'm sure the thought of writing a book sounds glamorous. After all you would be rich (maybe) you would be famous (maybe) and of course you would write sequals, series, children's books, adult fiction, maybe a biography. Robert Benson takes you deep inside  the thrill and heartache of trying to write a book. Dancing on the Head of a Pen is the "meat and potatoes of just how to write a book".

Many people dream of writing  a book (even me) Robert Benson reveals some of his thoughts, strategies and goals through his own words, aside from the ones in any of his books. Mr. Benson shares the struggles and triumphs of trying to keep yourself dedicated day in and day out and stay focused, even during the moments when you may not be able to find the right words to write down.

The journey you as a reader take while reading this book, is just a starting place for something bigger, better, maybe it is just the tools needed to get you on the right path to write your own book.
Well done Robert Benson, well done !