Variations of Love

Lissa Jackson

4 Stars

July 15, 2014

4 stars   So I will start this by saying that I was one of those breeding while Kristin Newman was out traveling to exotic places and having romantic adventures.  Did this keep me from enjoying this book?  Absolutely not.  At one point near the end, the author ruminates that we are lucky to be in a place and time where we can make one choice that we are happy with and feel a little regret about the other choice that we could have taken but didn’t.  I think that sums up this book.  Newman did not feel that settling down was the right choice for her but as the years passed she found that many of her close friends did.  Thus she found her escape in travel.  Every time she felt the stress of her job as a sitcom writer or as another relationship failed, she booked a flight to a different country and become “Kristin Adjacent.”  I think that anyone (especially women) will sympathize with this book and regardless of place in life, readers will enjoy Kristin’s insights into travel.  I received this book through Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.