Didn't realize it was a trilogy

Hazel-Alethea Stone

2.5 Stars

June 5, 2014

So, when I received this book... I didn't realize it was the last book in the trilogy. So that made it a little hard to go by. I attempted to finish this book, but I stopped when just when I was about to finish. It's just not my cup of tea, and one thing that bothered me was the overdone use of descriptive words. Also, the fact that the men in here also had no flaws from what I could see. Finally, when the lady (yes, I have taken it upon me not to remember) I think Solange got introduced in the first chapter, I was kind of disgusted. The fact that she had like a ten-year-old son and was hooking up with this attractive young male did not appease me. What if her son had been there? 

This book wasn't for me but there's also the big fact that I didn't realize that it was a third book. It did not "turn me on" in the slightest, but did make me gag a bit.