Breathe in God's Acceptance

Katie Reid

4 Stars

May 6, 2014

I was delighted to see that Robin Jones Gunn came out with a new non-fiction book with Alyssa Joy Bethke. Spoken For is geared towards young woman, but this not-so-young-woman desperately needed its message too.

The chapter that ministered to me the most was chapter six, You Are Of Great Value, "Stop trying to make God proud of you...I knew I had fallen into a mind-set of believing I was serving God best with all the things I could do for that moment I realigned my heart to simply be with him and the pressure I'd been feeling lifted. Instead of leaping ahead of the Lord with all my clever plans, I fell back in step with him, with his timing, with his way of doing things."

Spoken For is the invitation to experience a love story that has a happy ending; it's your story. It is like the comfort of ocean air as you breathe in God's acceptance and breathe out the stress that suffocates. Let the truths found in this book wash over you with waves of His relentless love. You are of great value because the King has spoken for you, and spoken over you, in love.

This is a book I will read again and read with my daughter too. It contains one of my favorite stories from Robin about a fine china plate and how to talk to young ones about purity using 2 Timothy 2:21. Chapter 2, You Are Wanted, also contains a great list of scriptural statements, revealing the joy of What God Says About You.