My Thoughts on The Governess of Highland Hall: A Novel

Ashley Eneriz

4 Stars

February 2, 2014

Let me first start off by saying that like many, many others, I love Downtown Abbey. So I knew I would love The Governess of Highland Hall: A Novel (Edwardian Brides)the first time I saw the cover.

I have also read quite a few Christian romances/chick-lit books, and usually come up sorely disappointed. The writing always feels so flat. The Governess of Highland Hall: A Novel (Edwardian Brides)pulled me in right away and is an interesting story to the end. However, do not crack this book open expecting to find the next Downtown Abbey masterpiece. Obviously there is not going to be steamy romances or shocking drama; it is a God-honoring book, after all, which is good to have in this world.

Overall this book was charming and a fun read. It was nice to take a break from the stresses of this day and age and get wrapped up in the whole upstairs/downstairs type of life.

I received this book from the publisher for exchange of my unbiased review.