Spark - you can choose to ignite it or to extinguish it

Al Evon

4.5 Stars

November 2, 2013

Jason Jaggard's book is a relatively quick an easy read. However, his writing style is not typical. Rather than the usual paragraphs and transitions, his style is more reminiscent of the book of James where the author has a series of thoughts, which may or may not be connected, that he is trying to get across to the readers. That said the author provides many insights which can be helpful, if readers take them to heart and apply them. Some of these include:

• Leadership is impact and everyone impacts those around them in some way. What impact do you make?

• Character is a defining mark and our character is defined by our impact.

• Jesus taught that all who desire to be extraordinary human beings must serve others.

• Today, your actions affect only a small number of people, but that’s now. Tomorrow things will change and now turns into tomorrow quicker than you think.

• It’s not enough to know the information; you have to move to application. To make the move you need to have will.

• Good is not the absence of evil; it is the opposite of evil. People fixate on removing the negative influences in their lives, but they don’t fill the void with anything positive.

• We should stop living lives of convenience and comfort and focus on living a life of meaning.

• God’s favorite gift is to give us the opportunity to serve others.

These and other insights prod readers to think, evaluate, and re-evaluate all of the things they are involved in and to ponder what small risks they may take, initially by themselves, and then with others, to make both their lives and the world a better place.

Think of this book like the first step on the journey, but the final destination will the one you choose.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing as part of the Blogging for Books Program in exchange for a fair and honest review.