One Small Spark

Ray Carroll

4 Stars

August 4, 2013

When I first saw the description to this book I was intrigued. This is the type of book that I love to read, one that sets off a 'fire' or in this case a 'spark' into my normal/mundane/run of the mill/24-7 daily grind. The book cover promised an exciting read with a very colorful representation of what I was to experience in the pages to come. Starting with the introduction this book had, it spoke of taking risks. Risks that we need, not like running with the bulls or jumping out of an airplane(although there is nothing wrong with those risks). But more of taking a risk in our personal lives to move us toward a more rewarding and fulfilling life. I know some critics will say this is just another self-help/feel good book for the christian community. However, I see this as one that can be passed from believer to believer, person to person that will hopefully cause even the most stuck in the rut type person to go out a little out of his/her comfort zone and take a risk that can help them in our global mission. The points and method that Jason used is very easy to accomplish and we can find ourselves using all of the tools he has offered in this book within our inner circle or small groups to help share in this vision. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is in any type of leadership position or anyone who just wants to change their perception of how they can change the world and create a little 'spark' themselves.