What Matters Most by Melody Carlson

Pamela Morrisson

4.5 Stars

November 19, 2010

What Matters Most is the conclusion of Maya’s story that began with Not-So-Simple Life and It’s a Green Thing. Written in diary form, this installment documents Maya’s life as she begins her junior year of high school and the multitude of decisions she has to make. Not only does she have to deal with everyday teen issues such as classes, boys, and mean girls but Myra’s unique situation with a famous musician dad who is constantly traveling and an addict mother due to get out of prison any day make her life difficult at best. As a new Christian Myra is determined to make the right choices for her life. Given the opportunity to travel as a member of an all girl gospel rock group, she has a good time and learns a lot. But in the end Myra has to decide about what matters most in her life.

What Matters Most is a fun book for teens that constantly asks the right questions. Myra is a normal teen who has had a difficult life but has managed to thrive in spite of it. Her environmentally friendly tips at the end of each chapter are a bonus touch. If my daughter was still a teen, I would encourage her to read this entire series.