Yesterday's Promise by Linda Lee Chaikin

Renee Chaw

4 Stars

November 19, 2010

I first became a fan of author Linda Chaikin when I first read book 1 in the East of the Sun series, Tomorrow's Treasure and ever since I've been wanting to read Yesterday's Promise and Today's Embrace. Thanks to Waterbrook Press re-releasing this series through their Value Fiction line I had the opportunity to FINALLY read Yesterday's Promise.

Yesterday's Promise is the continuing story of Evy Varley and Rogan Chantry as they each seek to find the answers of their pasts so they can move on with their futures. This book like the first is split between 19th century South Africa and England. The scenery in this book is wonderful. I could actually picture the Big Hole, where diamond mining took place as well as the African wilderness. Rogan Chantry is still as roguish as ever and you can't help but cheer him on as he stands up to Julien Bly in his determination to find the late Henry's gold mine. Evy Barley has her own problems back in England and you can't help but wonder if she is ever going to find out who her father really is! Since I have already read Tomorrow's Tresure I already knew who he was but I just wanted everything out in the open! This is more of a whodunit than a romance in my opinion but it is still really good! I can't wait to read Today's Embrace, the conclusion to Rogan and Evy's story!