Unexpectedly Disappointed

Liz Terek

3 Stars

December 11, 2012


‘The Girl in The Glass’ is essentially a work of realistic fiction. Centering on Meg Pomeroy, a travel books editor, it does have a hint of romance to it also. Meg’s biggest goal is to visit Florence, Italy. After her grandmother’s death when she was twelve, Meg’s father promised to take her. Life got in the way & she’s still waiting to go. Along the way her divorced parents present her with new issues. Her dad is loose with his money. Mom is dating again & her choice is a much younger man. Miles, Meg’s ex-fiancée, is getting married. Every other chapter is about a girl named Nora. It’s an entirely parallel story about her life in Italy. Unfortunately, I had quite a rough time with this book. I received it as an eBook. There were so many type-o’s that it was almost impossible to read. Whole paragraphs were strung together as gigantic run-on sentences. I chose to read this one. Unexpectedly, I was mostly disappointed. Susan Meissner is a talented author. Her abilities are something that I would debate. It’s unfortunate that anyone else who looked forward to reading her book will be left as distracted as I was. On a bright note, Meg is a capable heroine. Certainly, she could have stood on her won without all the unnecessary fluff that our author has surrounded her with via setting & dialogue. Also, Nora’s character needed to be blended in just a little better. Having to back pedal to understand her added to the inability to focus on the plot. Wherever the blame should lie as far as editing goes, it is what it is. But, three stars are all I could possibly give. More info about this novel & its author can be found through the publisher: www.waterbrookmultnomah.com. I received 1 eBook to write my review. All opinions are mine without further compensation.