Thought-Provoking Read

Kevin White

3.5 Stars

November 1, 2012

On a general sense, I'm a little concerned by the overwhelming nature of the "Radical" message these days. I read (and loved) the original book. But then it seemed, in typical publisher fashion, a dozen other resources poured out to piggyback the same basic principles. Whether or not all these are necessary, I'm simply not sure.

However, this quick little read did provide me with some great thought-provoking questions for my personal life, my role at church, and my role in vocational ministry.

Platt is asking great questions that rub the core of what we believe to be true about church and discipleship. These are good questions. And we do need to wrestle with them. Is there danger of settling into always-asking/never-answering mode? Absolutely. With that in mind, this would be a great read for a ministry or leadership team to walk through together and drive for solution in their context.

I'd definitely recommend it. But don't fly solo. The content needs some sort of action and resolve. And that is best served in community.