The Girl in the Glass

Karoline Boe

4 Stars

October 28, 2012

I've never been to Florence before and after reading this book, I feel I had a little taste of it thanks to the detailed descriptions the author gave. Now, some people might not like the minute details that Susan Meissner put into the book. It probably could have been a shorter book...but moving on.

Meg is an adult and is still feeling the effects of her parent's divorce almost 15 years later. Her father promised Meg's gramma that he would take her to Florence. Fast forward many years and Meg still hasn't gone....until one day she has less than half an hour to get ready and head to the airport to get on a plane to head to Florence.

Sofia is writing a memoir about her life as a Medici living in Florence. Meg gets a copy of Sofia's first two chapters and falls immediately in love...yet again....with Florence. In order for Sofia's memoir to be published, Meg's boss' tell her that she needs to find proof of Sofia's family history proving she is a Medici. Sofia does not have proof and cannot understand why people aren't taking her at her word.

When Meg gets to Florence, she realizes that her father is not there and never had been. She is stuck in a foreign country with no where to go...until she remembers that Sofia put her address on her pages for her book. Meg hops in a cab and heads over to where Sofia lives. Meg ends up staying with Sofia and together they experience the art that Florence has to offer.

Going into this book I didn't have high expectations of it being a Christian fiction novel. And those expectations were met. There were a few quick prayers sent up when someone was in trouble, but other than that, nothing. I felt the focus of the book had nothing to do with God, but with finding out who you truly are and following your dreams because you can do anything. That's not necessarily bad, but as a Christian, God should be the center of our lives and a Christian should be getting to know God more, not necessarily themselves. In the process, He will point out the areas that we need to give over to Him. I would recommend this book if you were interested in Florence, Italy, but not other than that.