Love, Sex, & Happily Ever After (Review)

Jason Sandefer

4 Stars

October 27, 2012

Craig Groeschel doesn't hide behind an "I've got it all together, so let me tell you the answers," facade. That's what I like about his style. He is honest enough to say, "I'm sorry to say we compromised...Eventually we crossed some physical boundaries, never 'going all the way,' but we definitely went too far." He takes an honest look at some really tough (and some wildly unpopular topics) that most couples choose to gloss over or ignore completely.

The most dangerous thing for most couples is their "learn as we go" approach to their relationship. Because they think that love should always be melting hearts and giddy laughter, they are unwilling to do the hard work of love. In the end, disillusionment sets in, and the "I guess he's just not the one for me" conversations start happening. Groeschel does a good job of tackling this type of "fuzzy logic" and others like: test-driving marriage, misplaced priorities, and mutual leadership.

This is one of those books that you keep on the bookshelf for quick reference. It's packed with great illustrations and well written explanations of some of the most confusing issues that couples face. For those about to get married or if you are currently sitting in the middle of a mucky marriage, this book takes the edge off of some very sensitive subjects while at the same time sharing the hard truth about what a marriage submitted to God and to one another really looks like.

The study guide in the back is a great addition to the book. It's not filled with vague generalities like most study guides. It makes the topics in the book very personal and applicable. The questions force you to personalize and honestly give an answer for each topic. It would be a great book to study in a couple's small group.

{I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.}