Leonard Sweet – Real Church in a Social Network World: From Facebook to Face-to-Face Faith

Henk-Jan van der Klis

2.5 Stars

October 23, 2012

Though the cover somehow may lead you to expect Leonard Sweet to dive into the latest technologies to create a new expression of christian faith outreach, Real Church in a Social Network Word is different. It’s an e-book exclusive compilation of provoking thoughts published in different forms in earlier books Out of the Question … Into the Mystery (2004), retitled What Matters Most in 2012, The Three Hardest Words (2006), and The Gospel According to Starbucks (2007). The last part is a introduction to and first chapter of Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival (2012), which indeed deals with the Gutenbergers (people born in the 20th century) and the Googlers (born in the 21st century aka digital natives). What’s connecting and dividing them? Relationships is the main theme in this book. Both the relationship between God and you, as well as the real-life connections between people. Sweet testifies of a living faith, and rejects any claims to a belief system (ever heard of a life of belief?). Sweet is to the point, and at almost every page he leaves you pondering on a thought or phrase. If you already have read the earlier books, you may skip this one and purchase Viral.