A Soon-To-Be Christmas Classic

Liz Terek

5 Stars

October 21, 2012

Christmas is a difficult time for many people. When a person is estranged from loved ones, it can become unbearable. Meg Campbell finds herself on the run on Christmas Eve. After exchanging harsh words with her brother, she flees to the train station. Good will towards men isn’t even close to her brother’s mentality. Crippled years earlier due to the actions of a drunken teen, Alan is fueled by bitterness. However, Meg isn’t the only one hiding. Gordon Shaw has been hiding a long time. Having had to exile himself from his home, he attempts to elude his past. As the one who caused Alan’s injuries, he’s avoided his shame by throwing himself into work & prayer. Though much time has passed since their last meeting, Meg & Gordon find themselves on the same train at the same time. Sporting a changed appearance, Gordon tries to avoid being recognized. But, when poor weather halts their travels, they’re stuck together for an unspecified amount of time. Will these two runaways find the forgiveness & reconciliation that they long for? Or will their hearts remain far from home? Much more than an average Christmas tale, we encounter a story of great loss & even greater forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has so drastically altered your life can seem impossible. Meg’s emotional turmoil mimics what many people deal with during the holidays. Disgruntled family members can make anyone want to hop a train to Scotland! We may not have caused the type of bodily harm that Gordon has, but we all have wounded others at some point. I loved that the two of them are forced together on the train. Isn’t it just like God to use remarkable circumstances to help us heal? Christmas novels can end up cliché. I’m thrilled that this wasn’t the case. Even the title, derived from a Scottish term, is unique. Liz Curtis Higgs steers us down both sides of the forgiveness track. Either character can apply to someone, somewhere in our lives. Too new to be a Christmas classic, but it will be. Subtly showing us righteous behavior in the midst of pain, it truly endears itself to received 5 of 5 stars. I received an eBook & a printed copy to do my review. No further compensation was provided. More info available at www.waterbrookmultnomah.com