the gospel of yes

joe bob smith

5 Stars

October 20, 2012

I received this book from Waterbrook/Multnomah to review. This book was one of the best I have received from this publisher. To many times we think or at least act like that our Father in Heaven is like the pagan gods that unbelievers worship. That He is always mad and wanting to punish us and keep us unhappy and we have got to sacrifice something to make Him happy with us. We serve a loving Heavenly Father who says yes to us. When I said yes to my wife in marriage, I automatically said no to any other women. When I said yes to God in salvation, I said no to anything else or any other god. What Mike Glen said on page 17 sums up the God who says yes. "Committing yourself to the "yes" of Christ isn't losing everything but letting go of anything that conpetes with our loyalty to him. In exchange you receive the good and eternal things Christ desires to give you. It's in dying that you live and in giving that you receive. I know it sounds backward, but in reality, saying "no" to evrything but your "yes" in Christ gives you clarity and energy, the way focused light makes a laser. Saying "yes" allows you to focus on what matters." I say Amen to that. You will be challenged and lifted up with your reading of this book.