Bad Thinigs Do Happen To Christians And What Can Be Done About It

Harold Cameron

5 Stars

October 20, 2012

Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage

"Have you been betrayed by a Christian friend? Are you disillusioned with the church?

If you have been hurt by Christians, you know all about anger and resentment. But what about a workable solution? How can the words and actions of “bad Christians” be addressed so the mistakes are not repeated?

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People offers a workable response and, ultimately, a new way of living. In this revised and updated edition, you will find healing for hurts inflicted by others. At the same time, you will discover ways to help Christians and church leaders recognize the damage that is done by unexamined assumptions, words, and actions.

After dealing with his own hurt, Dave Burchett now shows believers how to: ■ Live as Jesus followers, not rule enforcers ■ Stop using religious performance as the standard for accepting others ■ Let go of moralism, legalism, and an allegiance to trying harder ■ Discover God’s grace as a daily reality, not just a word to use in evangelism

Working toward a solution will benefit your own life at the same time it helps others. Whether you have been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt by one, there is a better way to live.

There is a Discussion Guide Included for Individual and Small-Group Use

About the Author: Dave Burchett started his career as a disc jockey in Ohio, and later moved into sports broadcasting. An Emmy Award-winning television sports director, he has directed events ranging from baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan’s sixth no-hit game to the Summer Olympics. The author of Bring ’Em Back Alive and a blogger on and, Burchett writes honestly and authentically out of his personal experience. He and his wife, Joni, live in Texas and have three adult sons and a daughter in heaven." (From the Waterbrook/Multnomah Press Website).

My thoughts about the book: I got saved because of a card that I received in the mail that asked the question, “Given up on church but not on God?” I had given up on church for sure but I had not totally given up on God although my life certainly didn’t show it. I was living in a relationship as an openly practicing homosexual at the time of receiving that card in the mail. And my experience with Christians and the church for the most part was not what I would call pleasant. There were those few Christians and churches that lived the Gospel but they were few and far between and their positive spiritual influence in my life could not undo all the negative and hurtful influences of so called professing Christians and Christian churches that I attended throughout the years of my life.

I was raised by a horribly abusive mother who “religiously” took me to church when ever the doors were open. So when she was in church she was one loving and sweet person but as soon as we got home “all Hell broke loose” and I endured an existence that no child growing up should endure. So I was “churched” you might say to the point of revulsion because what I saw in the church was blatant hypocrisy, moralism, judgmentalism and condemnation, legalism, church splits, and a not so gracious loving attitude and response toward me or my sin. I was one of “those people” that don’t attend most churches being loved and accepted as well as invited to share in the hope of the gospel through believing in Jesus Christ. As I was told by one group of pious and legalistic hypocritical individuals in no uncertain terms, “I was going to Hell because I was a homosexual” and that there was just no hope for me.

So today living as a devoted follower of Christ who in my post Christian experience still sees far too much hypocrisy, judgmentalism and condemnation and legalism, author Burchett’s book sure struck a chord with me.

For people who have been or are being hurt in some way by Christian church leaders or professing Christians this book is a necessary and encouraging read. It is also a book that needs to be read by ministers of the Gospel as well as professing Christians to help them understand that they need to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk (living as walkie-talkie Christians), being Biblical followers of Christ.

The author shares the stories of people who were condemned, sent away and judged by professing Christ followers whose focus was on legalism rather than on love and grace. I have not found any other book that so clearly defines a major problem in the Christian church as well as offers solutions for the problem. And that is the good news – that the problem can be resolved if professing Christians will love as Christ loved and live as Christ lived.

Author Burchett’s book is not written merely from his observation of what has happened in the lives of others he has known – though that would have been enough to solidly prove his case. No he also shares a devastatingly painful experience he and his wife suffered in regards to a church they attended with their disabled daughter. So the book has a very strong personal overtone to it as well it should to stress the message that author Burchett wants to communicate to those of us who are followers of Christ. “Whether you have been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt by one, there IS (emphasis mine) a better way to live.”

So, buy the book and read it. Think long and hard on what you read. Then ask yourself how the book applies to you – whether you are you someone who has been or is being injured by a professing Christian or you are someone who is hurting others by being hypocritical, legalistic, condemning and judgmental and thus driving people away from Christ and his church…the book has a Biblical message for you. And if you read the book and are ready to flesh out what author Dave Burchett shares as to how we should be living and what we should be doing in the real-time world as Christians, then there will be a lot less hypocrisy, condemnation and judgmentalism, and driving people away from Chris and the church and a lot more love and grace being shown causing more people to want to know who we know and love, (Jesus), and have what we have (the salvation of their soul and abundant and eternal life).

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