Book Review: Greater by Steven Furtick

Deena Shoemaker

4 Stars

October 18, 2012

This book, for me, was about a 4 star rating. I really liked what Furtick had to say. And it helps a lot that he's a pretty funny guy.

It makes a lot of sense, what Furtick had to say about God's plans for our lives. We are destined for greater things than we could ever imagine through Christ. But we aren't just going to wake up one day in height of our lives. We've got to start small, take it one step at a time, because that's how faith works -- putting one foot in front of the other with both eyes on God.

I loved digging around in the life of Elisha. Most people overlook this guy for Elijah, but Elisha's life is full of epic moments. He was incredible! And his faith should be an inspiration to us all. We should all desire to have faith like Elisha.

Run to God while burning your bridges so that you have nothing to run back to. Don't take the chance of letting yourself turn away. Give yourself no other choice but straight ahead. And when times get hard, just remember that God is with you. He always was.