A Radical Book With a Radical But Solidly Biblical Teaching

Harold Cameron

5 Stars

October 15, 2012

"Challenge the Status Quo

The Radical Question offers a compelling introduction to Radical's challenge to the contemporary church. In this concise message, Platt asks, "What is Jesus worth to you?" Then he explores what a commitment to Jesus would actually look like in action.

The Radical Idea extracts key passages in Radical Together, the follow up to Radical, to show readers that church is not built on places, performances, programs, or professionals, but on people. Platt argues that those of us in the pews are meant to be active and intentional in spreading the good news of the gospel because when ordinary believers mobilize in everyday ministry, communities and church families change dramatically.

"The goal of the church is never for one person to be equipped and empowered to lead as many people as possible to Christ. The goal is always for all of God's people to be equipped and empowered to lead as many people as possible to Christ." --David Platt" (From the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group

David Platt is pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, and author of the New York Times bestsellers Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream and Radical Together: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God. A well-known Bible expositor, David holds three advanced degrees, including a doctorate from New Orleans Baptist Theology Seminary. He and his wife, Heather, live in Birmingham with their children.

My thoughts about the book: The book The Radical Question A Radical Idea...is well...Radical. Just like the other books that Dr. Platt has written. Books that are bold, provocative, intensely Christ centered and honoring and that is a radical departure from what the norm is that is being written, published and sold in bookstores across our country today. But I get the impression that Dr. Platt does not care about that much. What he is passionate about is calling Christians who live in the West to a new and radically oppositional lifestyle to the lifestyle's that so many "professing" Christians are living.

The radical question Dr. Platt asks in his book is, "What if Jesus is worthy of more in our lives than a Christian spin on the American dream?" Say what? Does he mean what I think he means by his question? Is he asking us whether we believe that Christ offers us a better life by being sold-out and totally following him than the life so many Christians live - a life of just a "little dab a Jesus ll do ya" Christianity...just enough to clean them up and make them look good and presentable on the outside but not enough to radically transform their hearts and lives and thus causing them to be radical disciples of Christ. Dr. Platt makes it clear in his book that Jesus' teaching and methodology of evangelism and gathering followers to himself was a whole lot different than how evangelism is taught and done by most Christians today. Dr. Platt shares in his book how Christ actually turned people away from following him. Huh? That's not how to build a mega church and a ministerial empire Jesus. Letem all come in and follow you regardless of their level of commitment. Nope. That's not how the Lord did things. He laid his teaching out quite clearly that he was an all or nothing at all Messiah...and what he said he meant and what he said and meant still applies today. Dr. Platt writes, "The cost of discipleship is great. But I want to propose that the cost of nondiscipleship is far greater. True. And that was what Jesus taught in no uncertain terms. So at the end of the section of the book, The Radical Question, Dr. Platt makes it very clear that living for and serving Jesus is far better than anything living to achieve the American dream can offer. And my personal testimony is that what he writes is 100% true and accurate. Nothing compares to being a sold-out disciple of Jesus Christ.

Then there's his "Radical Idea" which is the second part of his book. Dr. Platt writes, "God has called us to lock arms with one another in single-minded, death-defying obedience to one objective: the declaration of his gospel for the demonstration of his glory to all the nations." He refers to what is called "the genius of wrong" which is doing things the "wrong" way according to current church and kingdom building methodologies but is right by the teachings and standards of Christ. In other words, he believes rather than what he calls "a performance at a place filled with programs run by professionals" which leaves out the people of God, the leaders of the church need to train/equip the people in the church to do the work of the ministry in their communities. And it's not about bigger and more beautiful buildings with more state of the art equipment than the neighboring church to do so and so yours can be bigger, better and offer more professionally run programs and offer more stuff...NO! NO! NO! It is about building the people of God up in the most holy faith and equipping us to do the work of the ministry - evangelizing, doing missions work, loving and serving people in our communities as Jesus did. It's a dig in, get involved and get dirty, hardcore kind of Christianity where Christ is both LORD and Savior of our lives and as a result we love him and serve him and others with complete and totally abandonment knowing that in the end we get ours. And what we receive at the end of our spiritual journey here on earth is so much better than anything you could ever own in his world below.

So, buy the book and read it. Meditate long and hard on the "radical question." Then ask yourself if you are ready to flesh out "the radical idea" in the real Monday-Sunday world the radical idea that you and I are called to living for and loving our Lord and Savior and to do the work of ministry for his glory and the advancement of his Kingdom.

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