Solid Quick Read

Bunny Cates

4 Stars

October 13, 2012

I enjoyed this book (see my reading updates HERE) When I picked this book up, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It was listed as Christian Fiction, but the synopsis was talking about Vampires. In my mind, I couldn’t wrap around that. LOL In the end I thought the book was really good. I didn’t realize it was a BOOK TWO in a series until after I finished, so I fully intend on picking up the first one which is Thirsty: A Novel.

This story follows Lauryn, an estate auctioneer whose father has Alzheimer’s, and Amede, a mysterious lady who comes to town with hopes of finding her missing sister. Since this story is more of a “mystery” than anything – I am really not sure what all I can say without ruining the experience for you! For the basics: this story is written from multiple POV. Normally, I hate multiple POV and find it confusing, but it worked well for this book. I wasn’t lost at all, and am glad I got the chance to see both of the main characters POV. It helped me connect to both – and that connection is what held me through to the end of the book. If that makes any sense. LOL

For the lore/Christian Fiction thing – This is where I wasn’t sure how the book being “Christian Fiction” would handle having vampires in it. All I can say is “WELL PLAYED TRACEY BATEMAN”. I think the author did a great job with the story. I am one of those people who hates having religion shoved down my throat, I really do. If I even feel a hint of it in a book, I put it down and move on. I didn’t feel that at all in this book, so kudos to the author. This book is more of a murder mystery thriller than anything.


In the end: I really connected with the characters, the lore was great, the suspense was dead on, and the mystery… well, I didn’t figure it out. Thought I did, but nope. I was wrong. LOL I say pick this up if you’re looking for some good suspense. Just be warned: this IS a book TWO!