Fatal Distractions

Mark Buzard

4 Stars

October 10, 2012

I was trying to find a new book to review from the available books that Waterbrook/Multnomah had on their site, and decided to try this one. I admit I've never been one to do Bible studies, but I'm glad I got it. It is a 6-week Bible study, so I haven't gone the whole way through it, but I like it. It is very well done, and gets the points across very well.

This Bible study has the Scripture right in the book, which is an advantage, though it uses the New American Standard Bible, which is not one I am used to. I would prefer a different translation myself. Other than that, I think it is an excellent Bible study. I am doing it on my own, but I can see that it would be better done with a group of people. Each week has several sections of Scripture which are called the "observe" section, and it is followed by the "discuss" section. At the end of each week's lesson, there is a section titled "wrap it up."

This study is on conquering destructive temptations, and 6 are discussed in the book, but the discussion and advice could apply to any temptation.

The study is part of the 40 Minute Bible Study series from Precept Ministries International, and is only one of several studies from them. It is a good indication that this whole series is worth checking out and using.