Be a Leader

Emily Dimmick

4.5 Stars

October 10, 2012

Sigmund Brouwer's book, The Orphan King, shows what it means to be a leader. The main character, Thomas, has to take charge of the people that follow him after he escapes and sets out on a journey to find the truth, which can only be uncovered at the castle called Magnus. Thomas, having grown up as a servant in a monastery, is not afraid of hard work. When the cruelty towards him grows to the point of abuse and hatred, he feels the need to flee. But he can't just leave, for the monks who have raised him ever since his mother died, have eyes everywhere. So tells the men (if they could even be called that), that he was leaving, and they were to give him provisions enough to last for a week. After escape, Thomas used the many secrets his mother had taught him and that he had learned from THE BOOKS to save his soon-to-be companions from the gallows. Little did he know that one would betray him, another would look up to him, and the last would teach him more than he had ever imagined, yet still will not tell him everything. This book is a great mystery with a little bit of romance on the side. People who like action and riddles will love this book. One thing I do recommend though, is to not read it until you have the second book , Fortress of Mist, in your hands, ready to be opened as soon as you finish The Orphan King. The end leaves you hanging, wondering what will happen now that Thomas has completed his mission to find Magnus and capture it, yet he still does not know all of the secrets that have shaped his life and the lives of his friends and enemies alike.