Review of Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner

Leigh Powers

4 Stars

October 9, 2012

Girl in the Glass is a beautiful book.

I don't mean that in terms of its cover or the look of the book, but what I took away from the book is the idea of beauty through brokeness. Though we are broken and live in a broken world, we are still worthy of love.

Girl in the Glass is primarily Meg's story, but it also weaves together the story of three women separated by time and space. I enjoyed the complex characters in this novel, but I also enjoyed the setting. The beauty and history of Florence comes through in the book. It's a story about hope and what we do when we lose our way. It's a story about dreams and reality and living with the tension between them. Most importantly, though, it's a story about finding healing from brokenness. Meg, Sophia, Lorenzo, Meg's father--all of them are broken in some way. As the story unfolds, they all learn to face their own brokenness and find healing. It is a story of renaissance, rebirth, and hope.

This isn't a fluff novel--it's one that deserves to be read slowly and contemplatively. I'd recommend it to readers who enjoy character driven dramas.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a quality review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I did not guarantee a positive review.