A Season for Tending

Marianne Barkman

5 Stars

October 9, 2012

Come with me to Amish country, Pennsylvania and immerse yourself into the world Cindy Woodsmall has created. I have read numerous Amish novels, and I was starting to think they were more or less all the same already – horse and buggy, large families, no modern facilities such as cars or what I would think of as the basics of electricity and telephones. In a sense this is completely true, because the Amish lifestyle does embrace large families and eschews the more modern ideas, but in another sense, this novel is not like others. From the time I opened it to the end of it I was captivated by Rhoda, who loved her garden and her herbs, and followed her intuitions and by Samuel and Reuben, brothers by birth, deeply loving their apple orchard but as different as brothers can be, trying to save a farm that had been in the family for generations. I cried with Rhoda when she had hard decisions to make, and grew frustrated with Samuel when his brothers wanted higher wages, but not the responsibility that comes with it. Suspicions and prejudgices can quickly gain a foothold in any culture, and no one is excempt from that. How we can live above it, and love unconditionally is something we all want, and through reading A Season for Tending I saw a glimpse of how to deal with that and other issues that come up in any community. I will be buying this novel in paperback, but will likely wait until atleast the next book, The Winnowing Season is available. I received this ebook free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for the express purpose of writing a review. A positive critique was not required. The opinions stated are my own.