Story of second chances

Megan Sutliff

4.5 Stars

October 9, 2012

I received this book for free from Water Brook Multnomah for review purposes, all opinions are my own. This Christian novel is different from ones that I usually read, it's a nice mix up. Sasha was an amazing dancer that got hurt and couldn't dance anymore. She had to relearn how to walk and through that journey made a lifetime long friend with her helper. Sasha moved back to her hometown after she got hurt, leaving her husband behind as he too is an incredible dancer and Sasha did not want to interfere or hinder his career. This story is about second chances and was a great read!

I did find that it was interesting that as a Christian book, there was so much focus on a lucky object rather than the main character turning to her faith to get her through the tough journey she was through. I'm not saying that was a mistake from the author, but I did find that kinda weird. It was like a magical lucky object...different for sure.