Practical, applicable, insightful

Deana DiLuggo

4.5 Stars

October 9, 2012

This book isn't just for parents, it's also for those who are thinking about having children one day. Milan and Kay provide practical and applicable action steps that you can use immediately with your child(ren), regardless of their age. Providing tools to enable the reader to go through a self-reflection processes in which they determine their love style, and how this style impacts their interactions with their kids. The insight provided in this book helps parents understand themselves and their children, and how the language that they use with their children impacts the ways in which their children respond to them. The book is ripe with tools to enable parents and caregivers to BEST love their children, in healthy and nurturing ways, that help children grow into mature adults who are prepared to enter healthy relationships.

The authors base their knowledge and insight on years of experience as parents and therapists, as well as citing the knowledge of experts in the field. The book is filled with the authors first hand experiences, that are used to illustrate the various love styles and the impact of the parenting tools (provided in the book) on interactions between parents and their kids. There is so much rich knowledge imparted by the authors that the reader will want to "doggy ear" the pages and revisit the book often, throughout their lifetime, as the action steps cover infancy through adolescence. According to Milan and Kay, it is never too late to learn and change how we love our children and how they in turn will love their future children.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.