Jason Brueckner

4 Stars

October 8, 2012

What is belief/faith in Jesus Christ?

That is a question that I myself have attempted to answer for friends, and I wish that I would have cracked the pages of Sweet’s book before I cracked open my mouth with an answer. Sweet begs readers and seekers to see belief/faith as more than just a bunch of ideas. Ideas are great - Ideas are wonderful. But, sold out obedience is a whole different ball game. Yes, I am not talking legalistic, law-abiding obedience; I am talking about allowing the reality of Christ to sink so deep into your heart that He takes it over. In other words, you do not have (floating around somewhere in your mind) ideas of how life is with Christ. Instead, you have your hardened heart begging to obey the things that Jesus exhorted you to cling to! Most importantly, you cling to God. “Belief can exist in isolation, but faith requires a relationship.” - Sweet

The book begs one to redefine the word “faith” and pull it out of the minuscule box called “belief.” The book is great for pastors, who work alongside people wondering what “faith” looks like. Also, I would encourage anyone who wants to know what belief faith in Christ really looks like to pick up a copy of this.