Be Still My Soul

Mary Bearden

4.5 Stars

October 7, 2012

It is sorta a little funny the way that Lonnie meets Gideon and ends up walking her home from singing one night. When they reach her home, Gideon tries to kiss her and feel her up! What he doesn't know is that Lonnie's father sees it all thru the window and he tells her she has gone too far and will be pregnant! Really? From just a kiss and a man feeling you? I about laughed my head off!

Of course, just like a father, he doesn't listen when she tries to tell him nothing happened. The next day her father gets his shotgun and goes to Gideon's home and demands that he marry Lonnie. He does marry her and they live with his mother, who does not like Lonnie being there. Finally, Gideon decides to move to a new town to start their lives over.

Wow, the dumb boy doesn't even have a horse to ride! They are out there walking for days until one day they come across 3 dangerous looking men who wanted to rape Lonnie. Gideon and Lonnie managed to escape from that disaster and came across a farm. Lonnie couldn't go any further and collapsed. It made Gideon so mad he hit her and told her to get up and move now!

Before Gideon could do anything else, he felt a gun in his back and a man said, "Let her go or I will blow your head off!" The man's name was Jebediah and his wife was named Elsie. The three of them hit it off right from the start. Because of all the walking and Gideon hitting her, she was very weak and they took care of her. While doing so, Elsie discovered that Lonnie was pregnant.

Gideon was upset because he did not want children, let alone being married. This ticked Jebediah off so he decided to work Gideon day and night trying to make a man out of an overgrown boy. Finally, one day, Gideon has had enough and gets up and leaves!

I will stop there because some things need to be mysteries for you to solve. I left alot of stuff out too, throughout the story so that it wouldn't ruin the book for you. It is funny in some area's, sad in others and it will make you mad for sure! But, the funny times make up for the rest of it and I think you will enjoy reading this book because it is so true in life what the story is trying to convey to us.