lil of the star crossed lovers

Lenore Webb

4 Stars

October 5, 2012

Now I have my list of what I need to take as far as outfits and all. But I am also planning for tonights road trip there and the one back on Sunday. Also for my own reading pleasure while he is in meetings and I am lazing around by the pool. Oh yeah, it is that warm in Texas still. I have Scent of Cherry Blossoms (sounds like a lovely perfume) written by Cindy Woodsmall to read. It is one of the new books that is so popular with Amish story lines. I love this one though as it reminds me a lil of the star crossed lovers tale. Our main lady, Annie, is Mennonite but meets an Amish gentleman, Aden. Now from the outside looking in we would not think that it would be that big of deal. But when your looking from the inside it can send your heart trembling. Then it looks like every lil difference is enough to tear apart what is just starting.