"Cleaning House" entertains and educates

Justen Overlander

4.5 Stars

October 4, 2012

Kay Wills Wyma doesn't claim expertise. She doesn't intend for "Cleaning House" to be a how-to book. She's just a mom who took it upon herself to teach her kids the concepts of responsibility and accountability in order to overcome an ever growing sense of entitlement.

This journal of her experiences entertains throughout with sprinkles of insight that may prove useful to readers with the sense to teach their own kids some responsibility. At the very least, for those of us already trying to battle the entitlement demons, "Cleaning House" is a reminder that we're not alone.

The book does drag at points and it's clear Ms. Wyma's family is not under the great financial stress so many of us are under - a point which makes it a tad difficult to relate at times - but the overall experience of reading the book is positive. It's not quite 5-star, but it's better than 4-star.

The parents who really need to read a book like this may not be motivated to pick it up. Hmm, gift idea?