Book Review, "Breaking Free From Fear"

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

4 Stars

October 2, 2012

Breaking Free From Fear, written by Kay Arthur, is a topical Bible study that demonstrates to its participants how to confront their circumstances with strength and courage instead of being frozen by the clutches of fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion that grabs at our hearts and steals our energy, causing us to question our very existence. Fear brings into our lives one of its favorite companions: stress. When we are walking a fearfully stressful existence, we are just merely existing.

Is your life controlled by fear? Are your actions being guided by fear? Are your words being spoken out of fear? Is fear draining you physically and emotionally? Most of us at some point have succumbed to fear, but this doesn't have to occur. This biblical study on fear will help guide its participants through the presence of fear and into the hands of God.

Set up in a manner that can be utilized personally or in a group setting, this six week Bible study will definitely fulfill its claims to help its participants to start Breaking Free From Fear. Thus it is a recommended tool for all Christians.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski