Breaking Free From Fear...Maybe

Stephanie Wiersma

3 Stars

October 2, 2012

Breaking Free From Fear is a "6-week, no homework Bible study" that is meant to be used as a discussion book for a group. There are six weeks of studies that, according to the book, take about 40 minutes to discuss.

I do like a few things about the book. One, the discussions are easy to read and follow. Two, there are a lot of questions. Three, the discussions are centered around the Word of God and not just speculation or the ramblings of the author.

However, as someone who has been dealing with fear her whole life, I found this book to be...less than helpful. Many of the discussion questions are practically picking apart the Bible verses word by word, which can be useful in certain instances, but not in this case; the author really takes it to an extreme, too ("So what did you learn from marking death in Hebrews?"). I know you're supposed to be examining everything in context as much as possible, and it's very likely I just didn't get out of this book what I was supposed to get out of it. I am sure this book would be good for the right study group, and perhaps in a group such thorough examination would be useful when you have many opinions. Reading it by myself, I didn't receive much benefit.

I don't want to scare anyone away from the book. It's a small book, and the discussions are packed. I would encourage any group leader to try the book on their group and see if it helps them. As with most discussion-type books, the questions are simply jumping-off points from which the discussion takes off. That's why, I think, it's hard to really get anything from the book when you're on your own.

I was given Breaking Free From Fear for free by the Blogging for Books program from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers. However, my opinions are my own.