Don't be complacent

Becky Moseley

4.5 Stars

September 29, 2012

I have started listening to Steven Furtick's sermons online. His latest book, Greater, is all about the prophet Elisha.

I have known about the prophet Elisha (that is my sister's name), but I didn't really know what all Elisha accomplished for God.

This book really spoke to my heart. Lately, I have been in a rut. I know God has greater things in store for me, but I just don't really know what to do about it. So I end up doing nothing.

Steven Furtick challenges his readers to take steps to live a greater life. He talks about the passion inside of us for something greater, as well as the need for humility before the only One who can make us greater.

I was challenged and encouraged by this book. This book will wake you up to your own complacency and force you to look at what your life could be, if only you trust in God.