The Centrality of the Gospel

Brian Lively

5 Stars

September 29, 2012

Jesus Christ and all that He came to do is the central focus of Christianity. In other words,without Jesus Christ there would be no Gospel. Now that takes things a little broad, so to narrow things down just a little, we shall mention a few things from His life that are key to Christianiy and that are central to the Gospel. Primairly Christ's work as our Mediator, without such there would be no hope for us. Of course, if you desire a more detailed dealing with this particular subject,then I point you to CJ Mahaney's book Christ Our Mediator; who does an excellent job of bring out this wonderful truth of our Lord. 1st: we shall say that there is a great chasm between us and God, due to the fact that God is infnitely Holy and we are utterly sinful. Our need is for this great chasm between God and us, needed to be filled so that we can approach God; Jesus Chrit is the bridge that fills this great chasm. 2nd: Jesus Christ was willing to be obedient to the Father's great plan of redemption. He was willing to drink everylast drop from the cup that He prayed to ask "if there was any other way", then saying "not my will, but yours". Jesus Christ took upon himself the full weight of the Father's wrath and fury towards our sin. Jesus Christ in other words, became our scapegoat. 3rd: Jesus Chrit has with his own very life bridged the gap between us and God, now we can experience all the wonderful joys of being the children of God. Thank You Multnomah for providing me with such a wonderful book to read and review.