Two Time's A Charm

Joanne Doyal

5 Stars

September 27, 2012

I thank "blogging for Books" for this incredible book. I cried for Willow from the very beginning but soon I rejoiced with her. This book carries you through all of the emotions. There are tears of sorrow, laughter of joy, sighs of exclamation and more! You can't help but be caught up in not only Willow's life but the life of the other characters in the story. I cried when Ida lost her baby and when Vivian had her babies I rejoiced. This book is multi-layered with many stories combined in one book. It is the story of Willow and Trenton, the story of the Sinclair sisters and their lives, and the story of Mr. Sinclair and his adoptive daughter. All in all it is a very good book. You just can't put it down.