You can be greater too!

Ginny Blankenship

5 Stars

September 19, 2012

First, I have never attended a Pastor Furtick's church, had never listened to one of his sermons before this book, and I didn't realize that he was as well known as he apparantly is. I read this book for two reasons. First, the topic really interested me. *Seriously, why else would I read a book! ;o) * Second, Melissa Taylor was going to be leading an online Bible study using this book in November 2012 (you can find out more at ).

Let me start by simply saying my Kindle had so many highlights that I really think someone could have read just my highlights and totally understand the book! It was awesome! From the beginning when Furtick says, "You can't keep living like this. It's not fine for you to settle for going every day to a job you'd prefer to quit, doing decent work, being a pretty good person compared to your neighbor, paying your bills on time and sporadically reading the Bible as though it's your guide to the great things God did in other people's lives in the past." I knew this was going to be a life changing book.

Furtick takes us through the story of Elisha and his path to "greater" and shows us how we too can walk that path. From burning our plows to raising an axhead from a river, to learning that even though we may be surrounded by enemies we always have more with us that against us if we open our eyes and look around. Furtick tells us that like Elisha, we will come to a point where we are "standing at the crossing point to your future...parents, friends, maybe your spouse, maybe your children...are waiting for you to do the things only you can do by the power of God's Spirit. They are waiting for God to touch them through you, even if they don't know it yet."

We are reminded that we each have a purpose, a calling, in our lives. We can not simply stand in the middle of the path and watch the world flow around us and think that we are making a difference in Jesus name. We are called to be greater than that and Pastor Furtick inspires us to discover where our path to greater starts and begin walking, no begin RUNNING, on that path! Greater isn't something only "special" people should strive for, it is a calling for us all. If you are looking to improve your relationship with God then this is a great kickstart!