Great Study!

Charity Mullins

4.5 Stars

September 18, 2012

The Girl's Still Got It is a unique look at the story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. Liz Curtis Higgs has written several books. In this book, she looks at the book of Ruth verse by verse. She adds in historical and Biblical context that helped me gain a better understanding of the events in the book of Ruth as well as what preceded it. She literally breaks the book up verse by verse and explains it very well.

Most of her books that I have read have been fiction books. (A few of my favorites!) She is an excellent author, and while she stays away from fiction in this book, it has a story book flair that make it an extra fun read while you are learning so much about Ruth. I really enjoyed reading it. (One little warning from me, however, is to just use caution when recommending it. Some of the content is a little mature for, say, a young teen.) The book is written as a women's Bible study and would be a great one. She includes two different study guides in the back - one geared more for a single meeting for a book club, and the other guide for week by week lessons. Mrs. Higgs has a bubbly personality that shows through in her writing.