"Christ Our Mediator" by CJ Mahaney

John Turner

4 Stars

September 16, 2012

"Christ Our Mediator" by CJ Mahaney

We walk into the mediation room unkempt and unrepentant. We know there is we are guilty of a great offense, but we’ve convinced ourselves our hands are clean. The other party sits across from us at the table. His holiness and perfection causes our pride to swell within us. We know we have no shot at the case ending in our favor, but we persist in going on with the mediation. Our Mediator stands in the gap and begins to present both sides. He is at once like us, but not exactly like us. He begins to walk us through the dispute, starting with the majesty and authority of the One sitting across the table. He finishes our long list of defamations, blasphemies, and rebellions. There really isn’t much to mediate. We are obviously guilty. We just wanted to stick it to Him one last time. Then we are shocked, stunned, dumbfounded when He pronounces the final verdict.

We are absolutely guilty and the Mediator will take the punishment that we deserve.

This is the grand portrait that CJ Mahaney paints for us in his book Christ Our Mediator. With a sincere humility and absolute devotion to Christ and His Word, CJ Mahaney paints a picture of the Gospel that pushes back against the entitlement age in which we live. You don’t have to look far to find a religious teaching that would have us believe that Jesus stands in the gap for us to excuse our sin and calm an overreacting, unreasonable judge who has obviously misunderstood us and our motives. Mahaney pulls no punches in delivering the transcendent truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: God is holy, we are guilty, and Christ has made a way for us.
It should be pointed out that Mahaney is clearly writing this book to believers in Christ. And for the believer, it will be a breath of fresh air. It is not necessarily just for believers, but some of the language used could be misunderstood if the audience were thought to be the general public. I would highly recommend this book to any child of God. It is a warm blanket for the soul, and CJ Mahaney is a great friend to have for the journey.