Book Review: Christ our Mediator By C.J. Mahaney

Angela Parsley

5 Stars

September 11, 2012

Too often we neglect the need we have for daily reflection of the cross of Christ. We often lose focus making us the center of our lives instead of Christ. This book helps direct you toward the cross and encourages you to preach the gospel to yourself daily so you do not miss the wonder of it.

We need to be pondering Jesus and His sacrifice daily to rightly see our need for a Savior and treasure that grace He bestows on us. Then in turn we can give it to others. This book is a must read for every Christian. We can never read enough about the cross or the gospel to understand it in its entirety.

There is a chapter in this book about Christ and what it meant in deep detail for him to ponder the worse thing that could happen to Him, separation from the Father. He willingly with much agony experienced this separation because His love for us was greater. Now that He experienced this depth of pain and separation we do not have to. We are clean before the Father through faith in Christ.

This book addresses all of this and more. I found my heart in continual and spontaneous worship. These are the kinds of books that are worth reading. Get this one if you want to experience a deeper depth in your walk with Christ.