Good Read But Not the Best

Sherrey Meyer

3 Stars

September 11, 2012

WaterBrook Multnomah provided a copy of The Fourth Fisherman to me, and in return I agreed to give an honest review.

Based on that agreement, I must say that the title intrigued me and on that alone I selected this book. Although I enjoyed the book, I cannot say that it's one I'm excited by.

The author's own story is one of extraordinary life problems and an incredibly refreshing look at his conversion. However, the intersection between his story and the story of five Mexican fisherman lost at sea was clouded by indistinct details in that part of the book. Some clarity would have made the last half of the book much more readable and enjoyable.

Kissack's writing is good but at times weak. Repetitions and redundancy work to get a writer's point across, but the ones found here was not well juxtaposed and left the reader, at least this one, jumping back to see if I had just read that same point.

All in all, this is reflection on how we can get caught up in the trappings of life and lose sight of what our lives should be about. Then, God plants His call in our hearts and we struggle to understand our purpose.