Book Review: Cleaning House by Kay Wills Wyma

Tracy LeCompte

5 Stars

September 7, 2012

I am soooo excited to have been given the opportunity to review "Cleaning House" by Kay Wills Wyma!! Every single one of the over 270 pages of this book are worth reading. I LOVE not only the knowledge Kay shares in this book through her 12-Month "Experiment", but the manner in which she brings about the information. Her down to earth, honest account of the 12 tasks made this book so relatable to my own family life.

Kay's experiment came about from realizing that her kids were living with an attitude of entitlement. Do you do everything for your kids? Do they EXPECT that you will do everything for them? If you answered yes, then this book is for YOU!

It's not just for reading, but also for implementing the concepts of each task Kay describes. From making the beds, and cooking, to cleaning toilets, party planning, and serving others, Kay covers it all and tells all. The good the bad and the ugly. She shares the laugh out loud moments as well as the touch your heart moments and the not so heartfelt moments.

I am determined to keep this book off the shelf and handy at all times, as we jump into our own rendition of "the experiment". We are going to start small, and I haven't actually started anything with the kids yet because well...Hi my name is Tracy and I am a procrastinator. I'm excited, though, to announce that I have made MY bed everyday for the last 3 weeks. Ha Ha! Other than that, I've just been evaluating the task at hand thus far. I have learned something important these last couple of weeks that my kids have been on a hurricane hiatus from school. I need a forced schedule. I need discipline, and accountability. So, I will be setting a date in which to get phase one started. (October 1st) Now, there, I've said it, AND put it in writing. No, I won't come and change the date when you are not looking. I will also be occasionally blogging about our ins and outs in hopes that will give me some of the accountability that I need. Here is glimpse into how we will begin the experiment...

I will be following Kay's advice on getting each of the kids a jar, and filling it with a monthly "allowance" of an amount that hubby and I will decide on at a later date. (Did I mention I'm a procrastinator?) Money will be snatched from the jars when violations are discovered. We are going to start small....very small...probably just making of the beds for the first few weeks.

I have also discussed with my girls ages 10 and 6 about helping with dinner on certain nights. Kay covers this in Task No. 2 Kitchen Patrol. I'll be doing it a little different than her, but my girls will sit down with me and plan a weekly menu. They will be able to select at least one meal they will be able to cook together with little assistance from me. Yes, we've discussed it, and have not put it into practice yet. Baby steps...I tell you!

Okay, so the actual implementation of this book will likely do a lot for my character as well as theirs, if we ever get started...LOL!