His Princess: Love Letters from Your King

Sophie An

4 Stars

September 6, 2012

I wasn't expecting much from this book when I first got it. The idea of writing love letters from God's perspective is hard to grasp. People have different views of God so I try to be careful with what I read. A Christian book may not be "Christian" :( Anyway, I selected this book because it had good reviews so it was worth the risk.

Ms. Shepherd does a good job with helping women know who they are in Christ. Since God is King, we are Princesses because we are His daughters. Seeing ourselves as royalty may be hard because of our insecurities and mixed-up messages of the media. I remember when Kate Middleton was getting married to Prince William. I thought she was lucky to become a princess but we are far more "lucky" than Kate because God is creator of everything and so much better than William :) Like all of us, William is His creation and is flawed. This book offers comfort and hope to women. It is lovely with illustrations on every page. I gladly recommend it to women everywhere.