Good for Everyone, Great for Some!

Steve Young

4 Stars

August 29, 2012

The sheer emphasis on not being a normal "spiritual" person will be refreshing for many people. Because so many feel like they don't measure up spiritually or aren't like some of the high-achieving, super-spiritual people in their churches, they will immediately be drawn into the book. There may be some "highly spiritual" people who may not necessarily find the content of the book that helpful for them. For them, however, awareness may be the best by-product of reading even a small portion of the book. Growing in the awareness and sensitivity that there are many who've been made to feel "less" in our churches can go a long way in renewing our discipleship efforts.

While it gets a bit repetitive, I think the author has provided some great tools/ideas that will stimulate some to keep going, keep growing in their faith journey. I like the author's heart and what he is attempting to do in this book, help more people learn to live close to God.