Felt Familiar?

Melissa Carswell

4 Stars

August 29, 2012

Book 1 of a new series. . . by Sigmund Brouwer. Such a treat!

The initial dive into The Orphan King was all I anticipated. . . and yet, by chapter two, I felt as if I had read this book before. Something seemed very familiar to me. I kept checking the copyright to see if this was a reprint. Something about the eclipse at the gallows is very familiar. However, this is the first in a series and Mr Brouwer has come into his own as an author years ago, so whatever former read this reminded me of, I put it out of my mind and kept going.

Ultimately, I was not disappointed.

Mystery and intrigue filtered through the book and were not neatly wrapped up by the end. This will drive some nuts. Others of us, we enjoy the hook into the second book (due out at the beginning of 2013).

What does an orphaned slave boy have in common with an old ghost of a man who comes and goes, a knight, a deaf/mute girl, and a pickpocket? I'm still not sure. Yet this puzzlement is a part of what makes this series a favorite of mine already. There is no predictable storyline with the cast of characters and neither is there a neatly wrapped ending. Because of this, The Orphan King, while a book in it's own right, needs to be treated as a part of the series as a whole, and in light of that, it has gotten off to a fantastic start. I give The Orphan King a 4 out of 5 rating and look forward to it's sequel.