Book Review:: The Girl's Still Got It

Karen Chevier

4.5 Stars

August 24, 2012

Ruth has always been a favorite Bible story of mine. Who doesn't enjoy a nice love story full of redemption and 'fate'? Liz Curtis Higgins tells this beautiful story as if you, the reader, are standing with Ruth and Naomi, taking the road back home, coming upon the man she is to marry waiting for her (I mean, really, how much more sweet can the be?) and beginning her life with her new God. The Girl's Still Got It takes you step by step through their journey. Right from the very start Curtis makes the characters come to life, makes you feel present in history, and, above all, makes God come alive on the pages of a book written thousands of years later. Even after all these years, Ruth and her story still have it. Ruth is still worth something.

If you haven't met Ruth yet I'll give you a little background: She comes from a very pagan nation, marries into Naomi's God-fearing family. Her husband dies, as well as her father in law and brother in law, leaving Naomi and two daughters in law. History will tell you this isn't a good situation. Due to a famine lifting in the Promised Land, Naomi heads home bringing with her Ruth (her other daughter in law did most of us would do and high tailed it home). I can't tell you much more because the hand of God works wonders in Ruth's life. Just know she was not only redeemed in love and family but with God as well.

Even though I wasn't real fond of Curtis' writing style, I still loved the book! As I said previously, Ruth is a favorite (Should I have favorites? Eh, why not!). I did enjoy her taking the characters and making them more real, more touchable, more like me. I felt more involved in the story than just being told again. Curtis took the characters and made them more available, made their feelings and thoughts more real.

But that's not the important part of the book.

Curtis made God silent hand in the story more real. God never speaks in the book of Ruth, in fact He's hardly mentioned. But you know He's there. Because of the way her characters came to life, God comes to life also. You can see Him, now, behind the scenes.

"Our desire as believes isn't to be more like Ruth; it's to be more like Jesus. With each admirable thing Ruth does, we will see the Lord's handiwork...when we read the final page, I hope instead of saying 'wow, what a woman' we'll be saying, 'wow, what a Redeemer!'"