Cleaning House by Kay Wills Wyma

becky rivera

5 Stars

August 23, 2012

Tired of tripping over laundry lying all over the floor? Sick of dishpan hands? Want to teach your kids a sense of responsibility? Or want to have your family more unified by doing their part? Join author Kay Wyma and her five kids as they conduct a one year experiment to decrease their sense of entitlement and teach a sense of responsibility. This book has 12 chapters, each chapter has one task the family undertook for that month. Each chapter consists of their personal experiences, lessons they learned, and ideas for implementing the task Tasks include topics such as: employment, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, manners and many more.
With 4 kids and a world that constantly teaches our kids that they are entitled; this book was refreshing to read. As a christian family it is very important to us to teach our children about self-sacrifice and service to others. What better place to start than at home with our families. I did alot of laughing as Kay shared some of her family's experiences throughout this process; and just imagined what my kids would say once we start our cleaning house. This book is great for any family who is just starting out with young kids and even those who have older kids.
Families, single parents, grandparents acting as parents, parents to be, bible study, and church ministries would benefit greatly from this book.