Fearless by Eric Blehm

Nicole Elliott

5 Stars

August 23, 2012

Fearless is the incredible, true, and deeply moving story of Adam Brown and his family. It's one of those stories where it must be true because no movie would put someone pushing as hard as Adam did, overcoming what Adam overcame, or having the sad ending that this story has.

It was truly a book that I laughed and cried through. I love Eric's perspective on the story. Even though it's a book about an incredible Christian man and his deep devotion and faith nothing is sugar coated or glossed over. There is cussing in the book along with details that many other writers might have been tempted to gloss over in a Christian book. The fact that these things are included and not smoothed out make it have a very authentic and real feel. As a military spouse I've been around a whole lot servicemen and know how they act and talk--I can only imagine that as amazing and wonderful Navy Seals are they are not a bunch of sweet, smooth talking guys--and I actually appreciated the truth and rawness this book contained. It feels a bit rough around the edges--just like Adam Young himself was.

Through Fearless you see the God of sinners like David and Paul--a God who can take the biggest of sins and the most broken of lives and turn them around just so His amazing Glory and Power and Triumph might be shown.

An absolutely amazing story of an amazing man and his family-it is definitely a must read!