Christian Romance AND a Ghost Story?

Tina Klinesmith

4.5 Stars

August 23, 2012

Haven't we all wondered what happens after we die? When Corrie's husband is killed by a suicide bomber, she is so overtaken with grief that she returns to the one place she feels her dead husband wants her - the home he grew up in as a child in the Ozarks. There, she feels his spirit close to her, in more ways than one.

For me, The Widow of Saunders Creek was a great read. The characters had depth and we well-fleshed out. Even some of the more minor characters like Lola and Corrie's dead husband, Jerrod, even though he never even has a scene in the book. The romance between Eli and Corrie was well portrayed, even with addition of drama from Eva, Lola and various other characters.

The book was well researched and, when I began reading it, I wondered how the author would be able to combine a ghost story, grief of lost love and a romance. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was accomplished. The "ghost" scenes were extremely well written and thought out, to every last detail, and the spiritual arguments made are scriptural. Even the characters who weren't believers or practiced folklore magic are portrayed in a very respectful light. I was excited to see a book that would tackle a difficult subject for many to grasp and give a simple, yet Biblical explanation, without leaving the reader feeling as if the characters (or the reader) are foolish for believing the way they had.

*Spoiler Alert!!! The only "flaw" I found in this story, and I hate to even point it out because it's minor, is that Corrie moves from being sure the spirit is Jarrod to fear at the spirit's presence to casting the "spirit" away too quickly.

I enjoyed this book and was sad to see the end come. I have already added several of this author's other books onto my "to-read" list as I found I enjoyed her descriptive, fast moving style.