You cannot earn GOOD.

Justin Simmons

4 Stars

August 23, 2012

Andy Stanley doesn't waste time reinventing the wheel... while he doesn't write new material (new in the sense of unheard of) he does bring a fresh perspective on old ideas. How Good is Good Enough drives home to point that humanity will never be good enough, thus needing Jesus as a savior to make up the difference.

Andy's use of scripture throughout the book points readers right back to the authoritative text on the matter... God's Word. Infallible and always consistent, Andy reinforces his point with a firm foundation.

This book would be a great read for any pastor (student through adult) that would teach on the subject to their gathering. It definitely brushes up on the connection of grace and salvation while firmly laying down scriptural foundations. I recommend this book!

This book was provided free of charge by Multnomah in exchange for a review.